After i made a pair of tongs I got a little tired of banging the hammer over and over and over...
So i decided to build a pneumatic hammer :)

With some help from my friends i got hold of a nice pile of some beams and a pneumatic cylinder for free :)

Later i found out that the cylinder was to big, and required a lot more airflow than i could achieve.
So i had to buy one, and I got one for 50 bucks, they are quite expensive I think.
Its 40mm thick and 200mm stroke. and i had to use 10mm hoses to get the required speed.

The moving bar is a 400mm*40mm square steel bar, that weights about 13 kg.

Here are some pics :

The beams.

Welded a little.

Some more.

These are the hammer head or what its called.
The tools that hit the iron.
Made of hardened knives from plastic mills.

Here its basically finished, but with wrong cylinder.

The cylinder is controlled by a simple manual valve with a footpedal.
I plan to build a circuit that controls it automatically later, but for now i just wanted to finnish it.

After i changed cylinder it became to high to fit under the roof.
So i mounted it on the side.

This is what it look like now.