I needed a new forge, and went out looking for a suite able frame, I was about to let the mechanic shop here
make one out of sheet metal.

But then I found something perfect to build of, a trash can :)

That and some sheet metal and fiber ceramic blanket (1300*C Isolation material) is all that I need

Some of the front cut out.

Put in some isolation. 2 layers, totally 5cm thick.

Welded the front.

A hole for the burner, slightly of center to make some circulation.

Welded some bars to make it strong.

Testing Testing :)
Well, it works very well, I have to buy a new valve for the gas container to increase the flow.
Its not enough now with this bigger forge.


Cost : Trash can 4$
  Sheet metal (scrap) 0$
  Isolation 20$
Total :   24$