I'm going to try making a sword , a Katana more precisely.
I'm starting with a flat bar of SS2260 carbon steel.
The choice of steel was made most of availability and cost,
so please don´t make any negative comments about it, as this is more
a learning how to make a sword for me, rather than to make the perfect sword.

I will update this page as the work proceed.

This is the flat bar I that is going to be a sword, i hope :)

It will not do with a straight katana right.
By hammering (allot!) at one edge at both sides will make the bar bend.
This was hard work! puh (I can hear all the blacksmith out there laughing at me)

Some more detail of the hammering.

This should be enough i think.

And after some work with the angle grinder (cutter or whatever you call it over there :)
its a little more narrow at the point.

This was 2 hours of work at most, and I had to get to work :(
More will come shortly.


Back again:)
I was able to work it a couple of hours today.

Some more work with the angle grinder and allot of work with the belt grinder.
I will work some more with the narrowing so it will be more adequate over all.

It may look like most of the work is done ?

But as you can see half of the grinding remains ;\

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