This is my selfmade cnc milling machine.
The resolution is about 0.08mm, not that very great but it can move real fast.

The motors are surplus bipolar steppers, 200 steps/revolution. running in quarterstepp mode.

The controllerboard consist of three stepper drivers, TCA3727 (Klick for datasheet) and three PIC16F628 (Microchip).
I love the simplicity of the drivers, current control, overtemp protection and they are able
to produce full,half,quarter and ministepps.

I use pic16f628 because i had 13 of them lying around.
And it is more simple to program for only one stepper at time.

You could of course use a larger pic to control all three of them.


Some testing

The controllerboard (experimental setup)


More will come.....

Don't hesitate to mail me if you have any questions.